Tuesday, 5 July 2011

First Job...

Everyone after finish school must be want to looking some job right?To earn some pocket money.Today i want shared with you guy about my first experience job at McDonald..huhuhu

My first day job start at 8.ooam with my friend Syaswan Faliq.At first i meet the store manager Mr._______*fill in the blank.Then i meet kak marini.She has been incharge to train me to the job.My first job is as 'runner'.Runner is a person behind the cashier to take the item that people order and served it on plate than give to costumer.It quite fun, because you need to stay alert,focus and move fast during the work.Fuh~!!first time im doing that job seriously i say im  was like bluuurr -,- im so nervous that time..damn~!!!

After that, i have been charge doing 'lobby'.Lobby is the person who clean the table,sweep the floor,mop the floor,clean the windows,stock up the condiment and refill the sauce.FUH~!!!so tired do that job..can you imagine stand up for 8 hour per day everday??!!!DAMN~!!!

I have worked for Mcdonald for 2 month __day.Honestly i say it fun to work at Mcdonald.Thank to Mcdonald willing to hired me... :-)

kak marini
mcd sec3

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