Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ni nurfitri atau taeyeon...???

Uh Ma Gawsh~!!!i thought i was seeing korean artist but actually sad.. T.T  BUT it nice to know this girl..First time i meet her at mcd sec 3 with my friend afiq alias..HAHAH~!!at that time she had been bully by me..HAHAHA~!!!
Her name is Nurfitri Armain.She age 14.School SMKSSAAS.She is an athlectics in school..damn~!!she soo fast when jogging...She also obses with korean..her fav is Taeyeon SNSD...*same as his borther..korean fanatics...LOlz~!!She also have nice thinking..*matured juga lh untuk budak umur dia...that all i can think about her..
peace out~!peace upon you..

p/s:nice pose

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