Sunday, 3 July 2011


Look cool right that guy in this photo..He was my neighbour,my friend and sifu..
His name is Najmi Najib Zakaria..Age 18 school____________*fill in the blank...Even we neighbour but i meet him during form 4 by my friend...LOlz~!!bapa lama bru kenal...He have 'apek' look but have malay people skin..LOlz~!!!He always gonna make joke for  us but now its gone..He contiune studies  at Perak..*stdy elok-elok bro...Focus Untuk Capai Kejayaan(F.U.C.K)..hahhaha~!!!After this no more perli-perli,meow meow,woof woof...damn~!!im gonna cry like baby T.T


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