Monday, 27 June 2011

Bribe with Maserati cars?

Lolz~!!what the hell he thinking?trying bribe cops with maserati cars?Value of each one of the car is  $UK100,000(RM500,000)..DAMN~!!!

 This story i read on internet.London fashion millionaire, George Davies offer two cops with Maserati  if they release him after been arrested for druken driving.

He also has been ask by the police to do breath test,after been arrested for driving car Quattroporte as fast 272KM/H...*fuh~!!not bad for 69 year old guy..lolz.The jugde, have found guilty on George and he has been ban from driving for 12 months and been fine $UK1000(RM5000)

pic from:busniessoffashion
George Davies
Next and George at Asda

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