Monday, 27 June 2011

Malaysia Pon Boleh:SHAWN the Boyz with BeatBox...

shawn lee
Malaysia Boleh~!!!You guys must be wondering who this chienes boy rite?This is Shawn Lee Malaysia's BeatBoxer~!!!Fuh~!!salute you bro~!!His start doing beatbox on 14years old.At first,he dont know anything about beatbox.And he started to search on youtube, and he find out about beatbox and he start to loving it.From there he start to doing cover version doing beatbox.

2009 , he has been invited by organized to WorldBeatboxerBattle in Berlin,Germany.He got place number  9th out of 45 participant from 40 countries.This is , he first attempt enter the competion.He come back from Berlin, he enter Malaysia beatboxing And1 and become champion~!!

He have done alot  collaboration with  Diana Danielle,Suki and Altimet.Now Malaysia's violin Dennis Lau also accompany Shawn almost 3years.

p/s:keep it up bro..still can tight it up~!!!

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