Thursday, 16 June 2011

We ride, We fall and We grind it...

SKATE??Lolz~!!!That would like be, the last thing i try.But however, that the new thing me and my friend try last night.Honestly i say, our first attempt was like (-,-) Lolz~!!!!But i believe in the word of wisdom, 'experiences is the best teacher'.That word, is soooooo...TRUE~!!!!We all fall alot.*it hurt alot...But we guys never give up~!!!We all keep try play skateboard untill we did it.Almost few from us manage to skate it and ride it .We also almost done the trick like 'ollie and manual'.Thanks also to Kocat and few other skater who teach us how to skate and give us little advice before start play the skate.I just want to say 'GAMBATE' my friends~!!!!keep-keep fighting ~ keep-keep fighting~!!!We ride,we fall and we grind it~!!!!

*Thank to Khadijah Annuar for borrow your skateboard(serius lawa deck hang) :-)
p/s:sorry if there any scratched on your's deck.we also almost get done trick like ollie and manual .we are truely sorry :-( *nanti kasi lh pinjam lgi ye :-)