Friday, 24 June 2011

cost damage 16.9 trillion yen~!!!

11th March 2011, Japan had been hit by an earthquake and tsunami.That event, make Japan had lost estimately 16.9 trillion yen that equal to RM......*you guys do the maths :-)It's still not included the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor accident after the disaster.Estimated make by the Cabinet Office, still not include the compensation to victim of disaster and people who has been transfer during disaster.It's also not include the effect of leakage radiation to the fisherman,agriculture and tourism.

This disaster had, cause 23,000 people died or still missing.It also devastate a house,shop,office,building and factroy and its had been estimate worth 10.4trillion yen or equal to RM393billion.The effect of damage to the water system,gasses and telecommunication network had been estimate worth 1.3trillion yen that equal to RM 49 billion.Damages to other infrastructure included the river,road, etc had been estimate worthly 5.2 trillion yen that equal to RM197 billion.

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